Cleaning & Storing Tips

Antique Silver
With proper care your silver will stay as beautiful and precious as the day you received it and will become a precious heirloom that can be enjoyed by generations. There is very little that can be done to damage silver that a good silversmith cannot repair. Scratches and marks can be buffed out, old and heirlooms pieces can/should be repaired by hand — a qualified silversmith should be consulted and will be able to restore most damaged silver and can even replace knive blades.

Antique silver requires different care than regular silver pieces. Visit Jeffery Herman to learn some tips to keep your antique silver shining, including how to clean, polish, and store your silver.

Vintage Glass and Antique Porcelain
Cleaning vintage glass and antique porcelain should be done with the utmost of care. Before you wash your porcelain piece you have to remove the dust and the dirt from it. For un-restored antique porcelain you can use a soft brush to remove the dirt and use a mild dishwashing liquid to wash it. Never ever use abrasive cleaners or put porcelain in your dishwasher. Never immerse your porcelain in water completely, it is best to use a damp cloth to clean porcelain items. Use a dabbing or gentle wiping motion. If the porcelain piece has no stains, it is best to leave it alone and use a dry cleaning method instead. Use a dry, soft brush to remove dust and any particles. While cleaning your antique piece you have to take extra care to place it on a soft towel or other soft fabric.

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Antique Silver
Silver is one of the most favored of all precious metals. The classic beauty of silver never goes out of style.

Antique Glassware
Glassware is a broad term for decorative yet functional glass that was produced from the late 1800s through the mid-1900s.

Antique Porcelain
Shop our inventory of rare and unique high quality fine English, French, Continental and Chinese Porcelain.

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